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1530 washington ave.
knoxville, tn

mon: closed
tues: closed
wed: 12-8
thu: 12-8
fri: 12-9
sat: 12-9
sun: 10-6

event schedule, 2022

fri, june 10, 8 pm: itami gang video society presents juzo itami's tampopo (1985) starring nobuko miyamoto.
wed, june 15, 7 pm: calling all writers in: an open mic night for writers hosted by ash baker.
thu, june 16, 8 pm: thin lear (golden-throated ny songwriter), manstett (knoxville skate folk), and jesse wade newcomb (buoyantly defiant folk rock).
fri, june 24, 8 pm: comedy feedback mic: open mic for comedians to practice their material and talk to other comedians about their craft. hosted by david habel.

fri, july 1, 8 pm: the pharaohs and the criswell collective are playing a rock show, followed by a celebratory viewing of mel brooks' young frankenstein. $5
fri, july 8, 8 pm: bummer camp (ny emo pop), tongues of fire (asheville grunge emo), and austin possum
sun, july 17, 6 pm: juliet's apartment, water street, and alien brain wave are playing a show. $5
fri, july 29, 8 pm: clementine (wisconsin emo in an early aughts style) and duck butter (knoxville turbo prog).

tue, august 2, 8 pm: kill hours (detroit emo rock)
fri, august 5, 8 pm: dreadwood press radio presents a haunted audio drama, title tba.
fri, august 12, 8 pm: local songwriter showcase: mastan, mara holsenback, vin honey, and shelb heidle. $5
sat, august 13, 8 pm: la croix can recycling center, janitor, and tba. $5
tue, august 30, 8pm: ultra deluxe (sci-fi emo synth from ny) and tbd local band.

we are a used bookstore that buys and sells books, dvds, cds, records and other media. we currently primarily sell books and dvds and are building stock for other media types. some of our categories include:

- literature
- mysteries
- science fiction & fantasy
- children's books
- young adult books
- history
- food & cooking
- gardening
- art

if you want to sell your books to us, we typically pay 15% of our intended sale price, though we will pay 30% for uncommon books or books in high demand, and up to 50% for something particularly special.

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past events, 2022

fri, april 22, 8pm: rock show featuring duck butter and noremac. $5
fri, april 29: two bikes (two bikes ig) is hosting a critical mass bike ride that will end at lowercase books. beer and bbq will likely be provided courtesy of the very generous two bikes bicycle shop!
sat, april 30, 8pm: rock show featuring la croix can recycling center and janitor. $5

sat, may 7, 8 pm: rock show featuring alien brain wave (knoxville indie) and sam liske (synth / ambient). $5
fri, may 20, 8 pm: ash baker (songs about sleep deprivation) and maspeth (desert fathers astral folk mischief). $5
thu, may 26, 8 pm: dogwood tales (virginia country rock) and ryan dunaway. $5